[smokeping-users] No data being displayed for slave machine

David Tomic young_einstein at internode.on.net
Sun Jun 22 16:08:51 CEST 2008

G.W. Haywood wrote:
> There isn't a user in the logs I posted, it's a process name.  There's
> also process id, so when you see something like this (at least in my
> system's /var/log/messages):
> Jun 22 13:11:03 tornado smokeping[3451]: Calling RRDs::update(/var/lib/smokeping/Local/[snip]

My apologies ... I just realised that I must have been doing something 

I'd specified a different logfile using 'logfile=' when I launched the 
smokeping daemon, and it seems like that was the problem [don't know why 

I removed that option from the command, and here's what I get now in 

Jun 22 23:55:44 david-desktop smokeping[8414]: Calling 

> it tells you that at 13:11:03 on June 22, on the host known as tornado,
> process id 3451 was running smokeping.  It called the function called
> RRDs::update() to update a file in /var/lib/smokeping/Local/ although
> it doesn't say which user was running the process.  You'd use 'ps' to
> find out:
> tornado:/var/log# >>> ps axufw | grep smoke | grep 3451
> 116       3451  0.0  0.3  56880 21528 ?        S    Jun20   0:02  \_ /usr/sbin/smokeping [FPing_14]

Right ...

david at david-desktop:~$ ps axufw | grep smoke | grep 8414
114       8414  0.0  1.1  90764 23476 ?        S    Jun22   0:00  \_ 
/usr/sbin/smokeping [FPing]

> It's user id 116 here, that's the smokeping users.  Unfortunately I'd
> have to give some messy format commands to ps to get it to print the
> name rather than the numeric id, as 'smokeping' has nine characters
> and the default maximum for ps is eight.  That's just history, and an
> unfortunate choice of name.

I'm afraid that I don't actually know the command to lookup a username 
based on its user id, but if I use ''id -u smokeping" then it confirms 
that it's user id 114 ... so that should be fine, right?

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