[smokeping-users] Navigator graph and javascript error

Abdessamad BARAKAT abdsamad at barakat.fr
Tue Nov 11 20:38:55 CET 2008


I use smokeping 2.4.2 and the navigator graph doesn't work with this
error(in french) on the javascript console (with firefox and safari):

Erreur : element is undefined
Fichier Source :
Ligne : 1506

so it's this line :

  getValue: function(element) {
     element = $(element);
==>   var method = element.tagName.toLowerCase();   <========
     var parameter = Form.Element.Serializers[method](element);

     if (parameter)
       return parameter[1];


When I try the demo on the smokeping website, I don't have this error
and it's working so the problem isn't on my laptop.

I don't have some access error on my website and because javascript is a
client side technology so I don't see the webserver 's impact.

If someone have a idea about this.

Thanks a lot for any informations.


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