[smokeping-users] fping problems

john ewing j.ewing at talk21.com
Fri Nov 28 13:38:49 CET 2008


I having problems getting fping to work under centos 5.2
I have the rest of the smokeping software installed and configured ok, but
when I launch smokeping with the --debug option it I get fping errors

I have compiled it from the source files downloaded from  (http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/main/f/fping/fping_2.4b2-to-ipv6.orig.tar.gz)
when I try 

#fping -c1  www.google.com I get
fping: No address associated with hostname

#fping -v 
fping: Version 2.4b2_to $Date: 2002/01/16 00:33:42 $
fping: comments to david at remote.net

Any help appreciated


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