[smokeping-users] Issues with high speed curl probes

Jonah Horowitz JHorowitz at looksmart.net
Tue Aug 11 19:24:45 CEST 2009

I was running this configuration for awhile and everything worked fine.
We had a power outage at our data center, and when it came back up, the
graphs (and the data) started looking like this:




I'm just wondering if anyone has seen something similar, or knows how to
fix it.  I tried upping my forks parameter on my smokeping server, but
that didn't seem to fix the problem.


My config for the probe is:


+ Curl

binary = /usr/bin/curl

forks = 30

offset = 50%

timeout = 5


++ CurlSlow

step = 300


++ CurlFast

step = 60


+ LooksmartURLs

menu = Looksmart URLs

title = Looksmart URLs

slaves = sh-mon1i

probe = CurlFast


++ wwwLooksmartCom

title = www.looksmart.com

host = www.looksmart.com

urlformat = http://%host%







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