[smokeping-users] Whats the limit?

Jeff Williams jeffwilliams05 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 18:26:32 CEST 2009

> Helli List,
> i would like to SmokePing about 300-400 Hosts. Is this possible.
> I added those hosts to my already running smokeping setup but then the
> graph was not drawn anymore. I dunno why.
> I could now set up a seperate Host just for those 300-400 Hosts. Can
> Smokeping handle that many?
> Cheers,
> Mario

I think it really depends on your hardware and what you want your ping 
interval to be. We ping over 2000 locations with several ip addresses 
each 5 times every 90 seconds. Our server has 8 cores and 6 GB of ram. 
We weren't always using that server, but as we added more locations, 
our pings were getting closer and closer to not hitting the interval 
we wanted. We use SpeedyCGI, even though its old and unmainted. It 
seems to have memory leaks over time, but its the only one we've tried 
that can display the graphs in a timely manner.

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