[smokeping-users] Whats the limit?

Tore Lønøy tore.lonoy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 20:08:44 CEST 2009

Im wondering on the same issue. Have a 4 core Xeon 2.33 Ghz, 6 GB RAM,  
but i am uncertain which how often and  how many pings i should use.  
The default 300/20 seems wrong in my eyes. We consider something like  
60/5, input?

Best regards / Vennlig hilsen
Tore Lønøy

On 12. aug. 2009, at 18.26, Jeff Williams <jeffwilliams05 at gmail.com>  

>> Helli List,
>> i would like to SmokePing about 300-400 Hosts. Is this possible.
>> I added those hosts to my already running smokeping setup but then  
>> the
>> graph was not drawn anymore. I dunno why.
>> I could now set up a seperate Host just for those 300-400 Hosts. Can
>> Smokeping handle that many?
>> Cheers,
>> Mario
> I think it really depends on your hardware and what you want your ping
> interval to be. We ping over 2000 locations with several ip addresses
> each 5 times every 90 seconds. Our server has 8 cores and 6 GB of ram.
> We weren't always using that server, but as we added more locations,
> our pings were getting closer and closer to not hitting the interval
> we wanted. We use SpeedyCGI, even though its old and unmainted. It
> seems to have memory leaks over time, but its the only one we've tried
> that can display the graphs in a timely manner.
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