[smokeping-users] Could anyone help me?

Jesse Shang(尚敏) shangmin at sohu-rd.com
Wed Aug 19 13:21:40 CEST 2009

Hi all,

     I am a new user of smokeping and now I want to add alert in my
smokeping.The following is part of my config file:



#in milliseconds

pattern = >0,>0,>0,>0,>0

comment = executive five rrt surpassed 0 milliseconds(this is just a test)

But the file which I want to execute to send warning messages never be
executed.When I change the red line to :

pattern = >0,>0

The file executed as expected, Could someone tell me what is the problem? If
I want to execute a file when executive 5 rrt suppassed 0 milliseconds, how
should I write the pattern line ?


Thank you very much!




Best Wishes

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