[smokeping-users] Force Multiprocess Mode

Kevin Neal kevin at safelink.net
Mon Dec 28 19:14:05 CET 2009

Hello everyone,
  Over the holiday I added a lot of new targets to my configuration,
I'm now running into this error:

"FPing: WARNING: smokeping took 78 seconds to complete 1 round of
polling. It should complete polling in 60 seconds. You may have
unresponsive devices in your setup."

I don't have any unresponsive devices but do have a lot of devices and
firing off a round every 60 seconds. I also see where smokeping is
doing this:

"Not entering multiprocess mode for just a single probe."

I am curious if I can force multiprocess mode, or if it would make any
difference since it is a single probe defined.  If there are any other
optimizations that I could do I'd be interested in that as well.  Here
is my FPing probe configuration:

+ FPing"

binary = /usr/sbin/fping
blazemode = true



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