[smokeping-users] Installing and getting Smokeping to run on Fedora 10

Jonte Regnéll jonte+smokeping at yojimbo.org
Mon Feb 2 05:34:25 CET 2009

Hi Everyone,

I email this directly to Guy cause I have in the past I have failed to
join the list, today the join worked so here is what I sent. I have
included what I sent him at the bottom of this post.

I would like to do a few more observations while I'm at it. First off 'Hi'
to everyone. I'm one of those annoying people that like Redhat and it's
derivatives like CentOS.

Fedora 10 come with SElinux which is great at keeping security. While
outside of the scope of this list please make sure that it's not
interfering with other 'permissions' on the system.
"/usr/sbin/sestatus" should tell how your system looks. If you go with the
RPM listed below it should make the necessary changes for everything to
work smoothly, if you use the tgz you are on your own and should probably
turn off SElinux at least while your testing "/usr/sbin/setenforce 0" but
doing so will make your system "more" vulnerable then it with SElinux
enabled, it's your call.

If you still looking for your RRDs.pm you probably want to make sure you
have the rrdtool-perl rpm installed "rpm -qi rrdtool-perl" should show you
if it's on your system. "rpm -ql rrdtool-perl|grep RRDs.pm" should tell
you where it got installed by the rpm. But more to the point if you use
yum to install the smokeping rpm, or that don't work in Fedora 10 you can
always pull that rpm to your system and do an "yum --localinstall
smokeping-2.4.2-7.fc10.noarch.rpm" and yum will take care of all

Last but not least this all works great for CentOS too, I use the above
RPM to run it in CentOS 5.2, but I use the SRPM to roll my own rpm to make
sure I don't have to bother with things like perl etc which can easily
become an nightmare, especially for people new to Linux.

YMMV but I hope that someone finds this helpful, enjoy and good luck.


Hi Guy,

sorry to email you directly but for some reason I can't join the smokeping

Smokeping is available for Fedora 10 as an RPM, please use that instead of
the old 2.0.9 that sits in Tobies contrib.


Hope that's helpful, enjoy and good luck.



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