[smokeping-users] Smokeping on fedora10

Jonte Regnéll jonte+smokeping at yojimbo.org
Tue Feb 3 06:48:17 CET 2009

Hi Guy,

> Thanks Jonte!!  It's practically working! :)


> I'm just having problems with permissions on the folder that keeps the
> data.  Also, the images that appear on the smokeping page (counter) all I
> get are x's where the pictures(graphs) should be... I checked the apache
> error logs... gonna have to work on that.
> My _chartscache is located here:  /var/www/html/smokeping/img  when I put
> a test html file, I get error 403.. so I know it's a permission problem.
> If anyone has some recommendations, I'd be glad to hear them... but I'll
> be trying to figure it all out anyways...
> Thanks for all your help... the rpm was nice and easy :)  I started to
> manually install, ./configure etc.. man.. way too many dependencies, then
> more dependencies to get other dependencies to work!! wtf! :P  he he..

  Good to hear you found the RPM useful. I do think you have a slightly
mixed configuration at the moment. Your "_chartscache_", which I presume
is the "_imgcache_" variable in your config, makes me think you haven't
given up your old hand rolled attempt completely.

  The location you list above would on a normal server end up as
http://localhost/smokeping/img assuming your webroot is /var/www/html.
When you installed the RPM you get an apache application config file
installed into /etc/httpd/conf.d called smokeping. It will configure
your apache server how to work with the installed smokeping setup.
Unless you have edited this file, and I will for the time being assume
that you haven't, there is an Alias that point /smokeping to
/usr/share/smokeping/htdocs and there is no img folder in there which is
why you see the 403 error.
You prob want to create the proper fqdn URL to the last two redirect
statements here, but it's really more of old legacy support.

Try starting over from scratch and rename all the *.rpmnew files to there
original name, it should start working easily after you provide the basic
changes to this like the actual fqdn part of the cgiurl, Owner and contact

When you are done the URL for your installation should be

Please remember that smokeping works in two steps. You have the collector
which does all the work, it stores it in rrdtool databases. The last and
final step is the web interface which just creates the graphs you are
asking it for.

You might want to enable the process to launch on startup
"/sbin/chkconfig smokeping on" And to test to launch it once you changed
your config to what you think it should be "/sbin/services smokeping
as the sm.cgi script reads the config file too and starting the service is
a good way to make sure the syntax is of the file is correct.

BTW another issue, you might want to speed up the page with mod_perl.
Just "yum install mod_perl" and you've done the hard part. Then in the
conf.d/smokeping file you need to add this to the "<Directory
"/usr/share/smokeping" >" declaration.

  SetHandler perl-script
  PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
  PerlOptions +ParseHeaders

Please notice that with mod_perl (as for any cgi speedup process) you will
need to restart the webserver (as well as the normal need to restart
smokeping) before any changes to your "config" file takes effect. So apply
it only once your done making changes to your smokeping setup.

YMMV but I hope that someone finds this helpful, enjoy and good luck.


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