[smokeping-users] multi target graphs - doesn't work

Fred Skrotzki fskrotzki at textwise.com
Tue Mar 10 14:42:36 CET 2009

It's a shame that you didn't copy the paragraph of text above it (or
even just the first sentence) which explains exactly how to setup a

A space separated list of 'target-path' entries (multihost target). All
targets mentioned in this list will be displayed in one graph. Note that
the graph will look different from the normal smokeping graphs. The
syntax for multihost targets is as follows:  

host = /world/town/host1 /world/town2/host33 /world/town2/host1~slave

So to do a multihost it is value {space} value {space} value  not /

Ovidiu try this instead:
host =

It is really our position to question what IP is being monitored when
the question has nothing to do with the IP but how to achieve a
multihost setup? We use smokeping to check about 60 public IP's and 130
private IP's as they are routed over multiple VPN's to several locations
around North America that the outside world can not see or get access to
(thus the reason for it being private).

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Hi there,

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, ovidiu todirascu wrote:

> Can't call method "_pings" on an undefined value at 
> /usr/share/perl5/smokeping/Smokeping.pm line 815.
> [...]
> ++ Rackspace
> menu = Rackspace
> title = Rackspace
> host = / /

1. Why do you have '/' characters in IP addresses?  I would agree that
the Smokeping documentation is not especially clear, but it does not
suggest that the syntax which you used is acceptable.  According to


the 'host' line can contain lines like this:

host = /world/town/host1 /world/town2/host33 /world/town2/host1~slave

which I assume is meant to be paths to .RRD files in your smokeping
hierarchy - perhaps under /var/lib/smokeping/ or wherever your .RRD
files are stored on your system.

2. Why are you trying to ping IP addresses in the private address space?
Packets to those addresses must not be routed across the Internet, so if
your Smokeping machine is in the same IP address space as the targets
(perhaps in the same CoLo?) then this might work, but otherwise it



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