[smokeping-users] Question about master/slave and master outage

Jay Canfield jay.canfield at channelblade.com
Wed Mar 11 20:57:45 CET 2009

New to the list, hi all.


We have a master at our HQ, and a slave in each datacenter (2 other
locations). Everything is working great as far as pulling in the info
from the slaves. Just got it set up today.


My question is: If the master fails, or the interconnects between the
master and slaves fail, is there any way to get smokeping  to backfill
the missing data? Or is it a "we report it as we get it" kind of model?
If we can't backfill, we'll just use 3 masters, but I was curious if
there is a way to maintain data consistency if the master is down or the
cxn to our hq is down.




Jay Canfield

Jay.canfield at channelblade.com
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