[smokeping-users] Question about master/slave and master outage

Jay Canfield jay.canfield at channelblade.com
Wed Mar 11 21:29:36 CET 2009


We shut down the master for 10 mins. The 2 slaves have not updated the gaps in their graphs yet.

I know the version in the deb repos is not up to date, so maybe the newer version will help.


Jay Canfield
Jay.canfield at channelblade.com

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"The slave tries to contact the master server after every round of
probing, supplying its results. If the master server can not be reached,
the results will be sent to the server together with the next round of
results. Results will be stored in a perl storable so that they survive
a restart of the smokeping instance."

Jay Canfield wrote:
> New to the list, hi all.
> We have a master at our HQ, and a slave in each datacenter (2 other
> locations). Everything is working great as far as pulling in the info
> from the slaves. Just got it set up today.
> My question is: If the master fails, or the interconnects between the
> master and slaves fail, is there any way to get smokeping  to backfill
> the missing data? Or is it a “we report it as we get it” kind of model?
> If we can’t backfill, we’ll just use 3 masters, but I was curious if
> there is a way to maintain data consistency if the master is down or the
> cxn to our hq is down.
> Thanks!
> Jay Canfield
> Jay.canfield at channelblade.com
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