[smokeping-users] Smokeping on Wink2008

Alegria, Luis lalegria at ics-canada.net
Thu Mar 19 18:35:57 CET 2009

I do not want to be pain in the ass, but can anybody give a hand please
with my issue I would really, really appreciated


Thanks again


Luis Alegria


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Subject: Smokeping on Wink2008
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Hi Everyone:


I have Smokeping version 2.4.2 running on a win2008 server with Perl10
and rrdtool 1.2.30 . Probing it's been done with fping version 2.4b2.
All my routers and devices that I'm probing is working fine. 


But all the section under Charts (Top destinations) is not working


My Config. File section


+ charts


menu = Charts

title = The most interesting destinations


++ stddev

sorter = StdDev(entries=>4)

title = Top Standard Deviation

menu = Std Deviation

format = Standard Deviation %e s


++ max

sorter = Max(entries=>5)

title = Top Max Roundtrip Time

menu = by Max

format = Max Roundtrip Time %e s


++ loss

sorter = Loss(entries=>5)

title = Top Packet Loss

menu = Loss

format = Packets Lost %e s


++ median

sorter = Median(entries=>10)

title = Sorted by Median Roundtrip Time

menu = Top Median RTT

format = Median RTT %e s


Web page messages


The most interesting destinations

Top Standard Deviation

No targets returned by the sorter.

Top Packet Loss

No targets returned by the sorter.

Top Max Roundtrip Time

No targets returned by the sorter.

Sorted by Median Roundtrip Time

No targets returned by the sorter.

Any help would be really appreciated

 Thank you


Luis Alegria  

Network Administrator 

& Depot Systems 

ICS Courier




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