[smokeping-users] SmokeTrace 2.0

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Nov 25 00:21:58 CET 2009


there has not been a smokeping release in quite some time. The
reason for this is that I am turning smoketrace into a

the re-writing was total, none of the original code remains ...

Smoketrace has become a generic frontend for tools with table-like
output. To integrate a tool, you just have to provide a plugin on
the server side ... the rest is automagic.

I am not yet entirely happy with the plugin interface, it will take
a few more days to get this in order, but if you are interested in
what is to come, have a look at:


note that the cool canvas graphis effects will only be visible on
standard conformant webbrowsers (chrome, ff, opera, safari). I will
try getting this to work on ie using excanvas.js ... I have not
tried yet.


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