[smokeping-users] How to change the default time window in the charts section ?

Willy LE ROY w.leroy at optline.fr
Tue Aug 10 18:02:20 CEST 2010


Sorry if this had been discussed before, but searching the
documentation, this mailing list and the web didn't help at all

I 'm trying to find a way to change the default time window in the
charts section, as the default (1 hour) doesn't fit well what I'm trying
to do. Basically I'd would like to have a top ten of all subsections
with a custom time frame, say one month or one year. This way I could
easily point out the nodes having long time issues, sorted from the
worst to the best. How could I go about doing this.

Also I changed the step value to 60s which suits my customer better then
the default 5 mins, but the graphs in the charts section still show 5
mins granularity (although "rrdtool info" says my rrd steps are set to
60s) - Any help concerning this ?



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