[smokeping-users] Add-Remove targets from web interface?

support at zenith-net.co.uk support at zenith-net.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 11:53:55 CEST 2010

Hi guys, I've been looking around but can’t find anything like this. Is
there any way/method out there for adding and removing targets/restarting
the service etc via a web interface? The reason I ask is that I need to add
lots of targets for short periods of time, the requests come in from other
people, so ether I give everyone SSH access to edit the targets file or
give them a simple interface. 

I've looked at possibly replacing smokeping with cacti but that’s
drastically over complicated for just a ping graph for 24 hours etc. 

If there’s nothing out there I guess I could try and knock something up
myself, but I was hoping something already existed. If one doesn't exists
does anyone know if its possible to get smokeping to query a sql database
for list of targets?


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