[smokeping-users] help with multihost graphs

Maarten Kruyswijk maarten at kruyswijk.mine.nu
Sun May 30 19:10:57 CEST 2010

Anybody any idea?

I know it must be simple... but I am stuck...


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Hi all,


I really could be using a help. After a lot of google and finding a lot
of results.

I am still not able to resolve my issue and I feel really stupid.


Below you will find my config from Target and as soon as I put it in
place, I get an error on the webpage.


ERROR: Expected some arguments after 'COMMENT:' 




menu = client

title = client Network

alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss

host = /Clients/Amsterdam/acoresw03 /Clients/Amsterdam/acoresw04






menu = Amsterdam

title = AMS


host = acoresw01


host = acoresw02

+++ acoresw03

host = acoresw03

+++ acoresw04

host = acoresw04



to make it complete I also tried it on the 01 and 02, that is why there
is no space there, I thought that that might be the issue...

it wasn't...


anybody any idea's to what I am doing wrong?

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