[smokeping-users] never before seen loss color pattern: green, green, blue, BLACK, green, green...

Jacy Birdsong jbirdson at smith.edu
Thu Nov 18 16:03:30 CET 2010

>>> Jacy Birdsong 11/10/2010 10:03 AM >>>
Hi Everyone,
I have been seeing a very strange intermittent absence of loss color although the latency graphing is continuos. I see 4 green blocks, then a blue one, then a black (or missing) one, and then this just repeats. It has been doing this for a day now. The day before it was 4 green blocks, then purple, then red, and then the cycle repeats like that - which made sense. This server just started acting up last week and I don't understand why the loss color would disappear and reappear every 5 blocks. If anyone has seen anything like this and can shed some light that would help, it would be much appreciated.
None of the other SmokePing monitored servers do this - in fact, all of the other servers that I am monitoring have a green loss color for the most part.
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