[smokeping-users] Fill Background While Host Is Down

David Botham dbotham at infoblox.com
Thu Oct 7 02:54:13 CEST 2010

<sorry for the top post... owa arrrg >

Thanks again, Jeff.

I am doing 5 pings every 10 seconds with a 1 second timeout.

I put in this into Presentation:

0 339900 '0'
1 33ccff '1/5'
2 0033ff '2/5'
3 ccff00 '3/5'
4 ff6600 '4/5'
5 ff0000 '5/5'

But, my loss stats still only showed 0, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, and 4/5.  It ignored the 5/5, like there is a bound on the packet loss calculation and presentation.


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<sorry for the html email, but, I needed inline graphic>


Does anyone know of a way to fill the background of the graph when a host is down (fping)?  I have set:

loss_background = yes

But, my graph looks like this (the left leading white space is before I started collecting):

[cid:part1.06000608.09010403 at gmail.com]

And what I want is this:

[cid:part2.00020208.07070705 at gmail.com]

So that the downtime really stands out...


Try using the "nodata_color" parameter with the code for the color you want. I think I needed to add that to get the behavior you are looking for. For example, I use this:

nodata_color = f88017
loss_background = yes

dbotham replied with:
Jeff, thanks.  forgot to mention that I tried that too.  It fills the parts when smokeping is not running, but, does not fill in the parts when it is and the host is down (i.e. 100% Packet Loss).   So, that look like this:
[cid:part3.01030404.04050607 at gmail.com]

Sorry I misunderstood what you were looking for. In our environment, we just wanted a way to differentiate between 100% loss and smokeping being down, so we don't mind the white background for 100% loss. You may have already tried this, but I wonder if you could achieve what you are looking for by specifying a loss color for 100%. Do you use the "loss_colors" options? We do 5 pings per interval, so in our case it would be something like this:

++ loss_colors

... (other loss colors here)

5   ff0000  "5/5"

That should tell it to use red as the background for 100% loss, but I haven't verified. Anyone else tried this?
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