[smokeping-users] Information?

Glenn Andersson glenn.andersson at axis.com
Wed Apr 6 15:57:23 CEST 2011

Hi dear smokeping users!

I have a question to ask you all.

I have a couple of sites around the world that I would like to monitor with smokeping, and prefer to use our main HQ as a master and the rest of the sites as slaves. That works as intended but now for my question:

Is there a way to have each slave get its own config to ping its own set of hosts and then transfer over the information as an intended slave to the master.

But I would like each slave to ping around to its own legs sort of say so I have one collector (the master) and a set of slaves that act like spiders and ping and gather info on all their legs.

Don't know if the explanation was anything to understand but hope so.

Would be glad to see if someone could answer it :)

Best regards,
Glenn Andersson
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