[smokeping-users] Large deployment problems

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at alter3d.ca
Wed Aug 3 05:04:08 CEST 2011

1)  I assume that you've checked for a speedycgi package in your 
distro's repositories first?   Speedy is pretty common (though obviously 
outdated) and most distros should have a pre-patched, pre-compiled 
binary available.   If not, search through the archives for this list -- 
someone JUST submitted a patchset to use FastCGI instead of Speedy 
(seriously, I think it was the post before yours on the list!).

2)  Absolutely, you can run multiple probes in parallel.   The 
documentation available at smokeping.org covers this, and there have 
been many threads on this list about that topic.   Consider also 
changing your 'step' and 'pings' values to meet your requirements -- 
you're essentially balancing granularity vs performance.   It can take a 
bit of guesswork and futzing with numbers to get something that works 
for you.

3)  I don't see a problem scaling to 5600+ nodes with Smokeping if it's 
configured properly (there's the rub, of course).  I honestly don't know 
of any other F/OSS software that does the same thing that Smokeping 
does, unfortunately (though IIRC, someone did write a "Smokeping-like" 
module for Cacti a few years ago.... maybe check cactiusers.org (again 
IIRC) if you're interested in this option).

On 02/08/2011 8:15 PM, Josh Wisman wrote:
> I have a need to do a 5600+ node deployment of Smokeping. Meaning that 
> I have 5600 devices to ping. Some 10% -20% have high latency 1000ms+. 
> Currently I have about 1200 nodes in smokeping. This is a new build. I 
> am building this on a OpenSuse 11.4 x86_64 platform. I am running into 
> problems.
> 1. SpeedyCGI does not compile on this version of Suse even after my 
> best effort. I have attempted to make use of fastCGI, but I dont know 
> that I am doing it right. The menu(smokeping.cgi) is large. Its by 
> State then City in my config. It maxes out my cpu (1 of 4)  when you 
> open smokeping, because of this, page load times are pretty slow and 
> it will only get worse as I add more nodes.  (snip build output - PK)
> 2. Because of the number of nodes, fping poller does not finish in 300 
> seconds.  I have blazemode enabled. Is there a way to run multiple 
> fping probes or increase parallelization? Any help would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> 3. If smokeping cant practically scale to this size, Does anyone have 
> an open sourced suggestion. I am also running cacti and it has scaled 
> rather well.
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