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Alexandre COLONNA alex.colonna at bjtmail.com
Wed Dec 7 22:24:00 CET 2011

it's quite simple to install smokeping on centos 6, which version did you
install ?

For the latest version, you must follow the "install" tutorial on

After that you must allow cgi execution in your httpd.conf for the
directory /var/www/html and if you have an .htaccess add those lines to
allow cgi execution:

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
Options +ExecCGI

If you use "fcgi" you must enable EPEL depot : yum --enablerepo epel
then install fast-cgi and httpd-devel : yum install mod_fcgid httpd-devel

After that you must edit your config file in /opt/smokeping/etc/config to
put the good link:
imgcache = /opt/smokeping/img
imgurl   = ../smokeping/img
datadir  = /opt/smokeping/data
piddir  = /opt/smokeping/var
cgiurl   = http://www.exemple.com/smokeping/smokeping.fcgi
smokemail = /opt/smokeping/etc/smokemail
tmail = /opt/smokeping/etc/tmail

After that don't forget to create some directories like /opt/smokeping/img
/opt/smokeping/img/data and /opt/smokeping/img/var

Now you could make symbolics links in your /var/www/html,  e.g :
ln -s /opt/smokeping/htdocs /var/www/html/smokeping
ln -s /opt/smokeping/img /var/www/html/smokeping

And normally (maybe i'm going too fast) it's done !
maybe you will encountered some trouble about permissions.
In my case iput the file img in chmod 777 and the htdoc in 755

Good luck and tell me if it's ok


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