[smokeping-users] Alerts pt 3

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Dec 14 23:13:41 CET 2011

My prior complaint of a bug still stands, but I did resolve my problem.
[If those messages *are* bugs, they can cause someone to spend time
chasing them down when they're phantom problems.]

My problem wasn't related to those messages.

I had a syntax problem on the Alert configs, and thus my perl script to
email me wasn't running properly. [D'oh]

Once I fixed that, I do get email, but the log/debug messages still

Alert "loss-small": no match for target /var/lib/smokeping/rrd/xyz
Alert "loss-moderate": no match for target /var/lib/smokeping/rrd/xyz
Alert "loss-massive": no match for target /var/lib/smokeping/rrd/xyz]

And these occur regardless of an alert state being raised or not.
They occur every step right after the RRD:Update call for that target


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