[smokeping-users] Mail timestamps end up as 01/01/1970 at mail recipient in 2.6.3-5 (Debian) [SOLVED]

Lars Braeuer lb at mpexnet.de
Fri Dec 30 10:32:40 CET 2011


we are using the Debian stable version 2.3.6-5, which is indeed a bit old compared to the current
version 2.6.6.

At some point we started receiving smokeping mails with a date of 01.01.1970, although the date line
seemed to be present in the mail header.

After some debugging I found out that this is a locales problem which is not corrected by smokeping
setting LC_NUMERIC to 'C' in lib/Smokeping.pm.

$rfc2822stamp, which is used when sending mails, ends up to be something like "Fr, 30 Dez 2011
09:57:08 +0100" (note the "Dez", which is German and not intepreted by the mailserver as a valid date).

As I have no time to test 2.6.6 at the moment, my workaround for the Debian version is to include
"LC_TIME=C" in /etc/default/smokeping (restart smokeping afterwards).

I actually searched through the 2.6.6 code but found no mention of LC_TIME. So if the problem still
persists with 2.6.6, this could be fixed in future releases by not only setting LC_NUMERIC but also
LC_TIME to 'C'.

Best regards

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