[smokeping-users] Suppress Graph in Default Hierarchy

c.schwarz at funknetz.at c.schwarz at funknetz.at
Wed Mar 2 11:58:50 CET 2011


how do I prevent a target from showing up in the 'Default Hierarchy'? 

Here is my testing setup:

+ hierarchies
++ Core
title = Core Routers
++ Backbone
title = Backbone Routers


+ CoreRouters
title = Core Routers
menu = CoreRouters
parents = Core:/

++ Site1
Title = Site1
menu = Site1
parents = Core:/CoreRouters
host =

If I do so, CoreRouters shows up in hierarchy 'Default Hierarchy' and in 'Core' but I do not want that it could be seen in 'Default Hierarchy'.

Does anybody have a suggestion how I can achieve that?


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