[smokeping-users] RTT Alerts - In Percentages?

Dayton Turner dayton at voxter.ca
Wed May 4 01:36:21 CEST 2011

Hello list,

Im curious if I can use percentage operators on the RTT alert type?

For instance, some of my monitored links are less than 15 ms, and should never exceed 60ms, and some links are 100ms and should never exceed 400.  Instead of configuring alert types for each of these varying kinds of hosts, i'd like to build an alerting pattern that allows me to say:

If rtt increases by 50%, then goes back to normal, then increases by 50% again, raise an alert.  Basically I am looking for a condition to identify jitter, when i dont know what "normal" RTT is in milliseconds.

Thanks for any input!
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