[smokeping-users] Mon like alert reporting

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Nov 4 04:13:13 CET 2011

Ok, so I'm considering writing* some code to do external alerts for
smokeping that use the elegance of [Jim Trocki's] Mon's alert

I am NOT a great coder - I simply don't have the patience. [I'm much
more of a sysadmin kind of guy.]

But I can probably stumble my way through.

However, I'd love someone to ask questions of, and who will look over
the code and help me make it better.

I've already written a perl script to handle alerts from outside
smokeping to send mail via non-local SMTP servers, via non-standard
SMTP ports, using SMTP-Auth etc. Pretty simple really. But now I want
to add the logic for alert squelching that Mon uses too.

Is ANYONE even interested in this feature, and is anyone willing to
take a bit of time to assist me? If not writing any code yourself,
reviewing my code and making suggestions?

Based on response from the community and how life gets crazy or not,
I'll consider moving forward on this...



[* more like stealing code from Mon and porting it so smokeping can use it...
But hey, Mon is already in Perl, and it looks reasonably well
documented. I'd guess any average dolt should be able to do it, and
I'm at least an average dolt... So, says I, "Why not?"]

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