[smokeping-users] smokeping peers (not slaves) in index???

Greg Cunningham gregc at theadvocate.com.au
Mon Nov 14 23:58:54 CET 2011

Is it possible to add a url to a remote (aka peer) smokeping server to the
index panel?  I have several smokeping servers that I want to monitor, but
are not in my management domain.  Thus, it is not possible to make them
slave servers,  Also, I am only interested in a subset of their targets.

I thought it would be nifty if I could put the peer links inside smokeping
instead of an external page.

I tried this as a 'target':

+ DP
menu = From DP
title = Daily Planet smokeping server
host = http://daily-planet.local/smokeping.cgi
nomasterpoll = yes

but no sausages. The url is munged into the local server 'target' url.  

Greg Cunningham
ph: +613-6440-7453    mo: +614-0705-6788

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