[smokeping-users] Failed ping

Eric Brander mailinglists at rednarb.com
Mon Nov 28 18:50:01 CET 2011

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 9:58 AM, G.W. Haywood <ged at jubileegroup.co.uk> wrote:
> At the moment you don't know
> 1. if the pings leave the sending box,
> 2. if they arrive at the recipient box,
> 3. if they are replied to by the recipient,
> and if they are replied to, you don't know
> 4. if the replies reach the pinging box.
> You need to narrow it down.  Start by putting some instrumentation in
> the system.  Probably the first thing I'd do is run 'tcpdump' on all
> the appropriate boxes.
> --
> 73,
> Ged.

Thanks for the reply.

tcpdump on the destination shows the echo request inbound but no echo reply.
If I fping myself from the same host to the same destination then I
see the echo request and the echo reply.
The only thing I can see different in the dump is that the sequence
number is different. The device I'm pinging is a check point firewall.
Maybe it doesn't like that the sequence number is out of sequence or
something. When I fping with 10 packets the sequence numbers are 0
through 9. When Smokeping does it's thing the sequence numbers are
incremented for each device pinged. I'll see if I can enable some
logging on the FW for this ping traffic.

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