[smokeping-users] a problem of configuration smokeping master-slave

landy landy at 51hosting.com
Wed Oct 19 10:57:17 CEST 2011

I have a problem of configuration smokeping master-slave

I use Master-slave mode to install smokeping,Idid not getthe desired

I installthe master smokeping operating system is CentOS release 5.7 (Final)

The slave operating systemis CentOS release 5.7 (Final) too

Master Configuration

This is a master’s config file,I have to copy it out

*** General ***

owner= 51hosting.com

contact= landy at 51hosting.com

mailhost =

sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail

# NOTE: do not put the Image Cache below cgi-bin

# since all files under cgi-bin will be executed ... this is not

# good for images.

imgcache = /var/www/html/smokeping/img

imgurl= img

datadir= /opt/smokeping/data

piddir= /opt/smokeping/var

cgiurl= http://ping.51hosting.com/smokeping/smokeping.cgi

smokemail = /opt/smokeping/etc/smokemail

tmail = /opt/smokeping/etc/tmail

*** Slaves ***

secrets = /opt/smokeping/etc/smokeping_secrets

+ slave1.hosting

display_name = slave1.shanghai

location = shanghai

color = 00ff00


Probes.FPing.binary = /usr/bin/fping

Probes.FPing.sourceaddress = #shanghai office

*** Targets ***

+ slaves1

menu = Slaves

title = the area dection point

slaves = slave1.hosting

++ Level3

menu = Level3

title = Level3

host =

slaves = slave1.hosting


menu = GLBX

title = GLBX

host =

slaves = slave1.51hosting

++ Quadranet

menu = Quadranet

title = Quadranet

host =

slaves = slave1.hosting

master secret file

The smokeping_secrets file contains a colon separated list of hostnames
and secrets

cat /opt/smokeping/etc/smokeping_secrets


Slave Configuration

Slave secret file

cat /opt/smokeping/etc/smokeping_secrets


Execute the following command

./smokeping --master-url=http:/ \


--shared-secret=/opt/smokeping/smokeping_secrets --slave name=slave1.hosting

When I browse

the page with about slaves of the result is not I want

The data is collected by themaster server , not from the slave
server,has no role in the slave server

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