[smokeping-users] Limiting alerts

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Sat Oct 29 01:23:08 CEST 2011

I know I'm probably using smokeping in a different way than most - but
I'm wondering if anyone has managed to solve this problem.

I use to use Mon - and I like it. However, it doesn't tell me much
more than "It's up" or "It's down."

It also doesn't have near the historical data that I'd like to have.

...and triggers for notifications are not so good either. [Again,
either it's down or it's up and not much gray area.]

BUT the one thing it DOES do nicely is limit the numbers of
notifications you get.

I have smokeping doing steps of every 60 seconds - so once I hit a
trigger I get notified every 60 seconds until the problem is resolved.

If a problem goes on for hours - I either put up with the mail deluge
- or I modify the config file and stop notifications for that poll.

Both are lousy solutions, IMO. [The second is worst, because I'll fail
to put it back again and fail to get notified about the next problem.]

Is there some way to get smokeping to do something even moderately
similar to Mon? [Say 5 alerts, then no more until the condition is
resolved. Or perhaps even, 5 alert maximum in say 60 minutes etc.]

If not, does anyone have any suggestion on how this might be added to
SP. I can program, but I really don't think anyone wants to tinker
with any code I might produce. So, having me strip code, say from Mon
and port it to SP seems less than a rosy thought. :)

I'm also not running the most current SP - just 2.4.2 - but since
2.4.2 is new and it seems not all the bugs are squashed, I'm not
wanting to move unless there's "something amazing I guess..." [As the
tricycle boy in "The Incredibles" would say.]


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