[smokeping-users] SMTP Alerts on alternate port, smtp auth

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri Sep 2 21:39:57 CEST 2011

That's neat and all, but it's not clear how I'd include any data on
what the alert is about - what host etc.

I assume that perhaps the mailtemplate might be helpful, but an
initial read of the docs isn't particularly enlightening.

I assume you may have done something similar - do you have some
example code, or can you point me to some?

I'm reasonably proficient in bash, so it's possible I could cobble
something together...

I still think it would be much better to include SMTP alt-port & auth
etc in the code, along with the required extensions - writing a bash
script etc is really an ugly hack.

But if I have to settle for a hack, perhaps it's that or nothing.


TT> On 9/2/11 12:55 PM, Gregory Sloop wrote:
>> I'd like to use the Net::SMTP module instead of sendmail - (Just
>> easier, IMO) and I need to use an alternate port. [Like 26]
>> Is there some way to configure this? I've searched the lists [and
>> Google] and was not able to find anything...

TT> Greg,

TT> For alerts you can specify any command you want, so instead of / in
TT> addition to using an email address, you can do something like:

>> *** Alerts ***
>> # 'to' can be a comma separated list of email addresses or programs
>> to = gregs at sloop.net,|/path/to/mail-alerts.sh

TT> ...where mail-alerts.sh is a script you write or find that does what you
TT> want.  See the options for the 'to' variable in the Alerts section of
TT> the docs, here:

>> http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/doc/smokeping_config.en.html#I____Alerts____

TT> Cheers,

TT> -tt

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