[smokeping-users] Storing high time resolution results over longer periods

Luigi Corsello lcorsello at ripe.net
Tue Dec 4 14:07:47 CET 2012


I am using a step of 60 seconds in my smokeping setup, had all RRDs 
regenerated to get the graphs I need to see:

High Resolution fping graph, taken NOW.

However all graphs of my benchmarks are captured in batches one or more 
days later (up to 4-5 months in corner cases). But taking a graph just 
one days later all details are gone! (for good, I fear):

One Hour fping graph - yesterday - ALL DETAIL GONE!

If the detail is really lost, this is a bit of a disaster forcing to 
repeat an all bunch of measurements that were already done and then 
immediately capture the graphs.
Can anyone confirm most details of my history are gone?

This is the step of the rrd for the graphs attached to this message:
# rrdtool info test1.rrd  | grep step
step = 60

My question: how to change the RRA values in the config file from the 
default (below my configuration) to permanently store up to 6 months 
detailed results at least? Disk space not an issue. (detailed is: always 
1 step for at least a month, then just slightly more).

My guess is that the second set of values are for daily data and the 
third for weekly.. or?

*** Database ***

step     = 60
pings    = 20

# consfn mrhb steps total

AVERAGE  0.5   1  1008
AVERAGE  0.5  12  4320
     MIN  0.5  12  4320
     MAX  0.5  12  4320
AVERAGE  0.5 144   720
     MAX  0.5 144   720
     MIN  0.5 144   720

Thanks a lot!

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