[smokeping-users] Some doubts about Smokeping

Peter Kristolaitis alter3d at alter3d.ca
Tue Jan 31 00:30:41 CET 2012

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On 12-01-30 06:14 PM, Grupo IPv6 wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using Smokeping for my final project and I have some doubs that 
> maybe you can answer:
> -         - Why Smokeping needs to be connected to internet even when 
> I have only one Target to a host in my LAN ?

It shouldn't, unless your system is set up to use external DNS 
resolvers, external mail servers for alerts, etc.  With your system 
disconnected from the Internet, try pinging/resolving/etc every host 
name in your config files.  I bet there's something in there that won't 

> -          - What is exactly the Standard deviation calculated at the 
> bottom right of the graphs? Is it related to the Jitter? Or is there 
> another way to know the jitter?

Standard Deviation is the std.dev. of the collected RTT samples.   
Obviously this is related to jitter in terms of describing "how much 
from the mean do the samples go".   However, "jitter" is an imprecise 
and undefined term (there are several slightly different ways of 
defining and measuring jitter, so you'd have to pick a definition 
first), so what it means in relation to your specific project is 

> -          - Why sometimes when I add a new host, for the first minute 
> I get a list of errors saying that the RDD file doesn't exist? This 
> happens commonly? Is there any way to solve this problem?

Smokeping doesn't poll every host every single second.   Polling goes 
into a queue, and is executed on a schedule defined internally by 
Smokeping based on your "step" and "pings" settings.    Until the host's 
turn comes up in the queue and its polling is complete, the RRD files 
aren't created.  This is normal.   Smokeping isn't, and is not intended 
to be, a real-time, low-level monitoring solution.   It's intended to 
give you a sample-based/delayed view of what's been going on historically.

> Many thanks,
> Gabriel
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