[smokeping-users] Specify gateway for target

Eric Searcy emsearcy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 20:11:23 CEST 2012

On 6/7/12 10:42 AM, Sean Lively wrote:
> I'd like to setup 2 targets for the same host, using a different
> gateway for each. (I've got 2 internet connections, with a separate
> gateway for each)
> I've looked through the FPing and echoping(1) docs and didn't see
> anything. Any ideas?

* two smokeping servers with different default gateways

* you might be able to find some interesting historical stuff if you
look up traceroute's use of "source routing" (-g) ... though you'd need
to patch source routing support into one of the above tools and make
sure your routers respect it

* policy-based routing: use "ip rules" to create a rule for the target
host and an alternate tos/dsfield (I think echoping can set this) that
uses a different routing table with a different next hop


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