[smokeping-users] three stupid problems.....log file isue, and what to do for restart ? and pid file

Ton Muller spatieman at online.nl
Thu Jun 21 15:49:14 CEST 2012

Ok, long time ago that i posted.
after i messed up upgrading my openBSD box, it was smarter to do a
complete install again.
installed smokeping 2.3 (ports arnt that fast in updating, hehe)
downside, i forgot to make latest backups from my smokeping stuff (#$&^#@@)
my problem, i am still not able to get logfiles for smokeping.
in rc.conf

started smokeping.
nothing happends.
how to fix this ?

2nd, smokeping is saying this when i start it.
ERROR: Can not read pid from /var/pid/smokeping/smokeping.pid:
Permission denied

smokeping directory has 666 glags, and +smokeping as owner and group.
how to fix this ?

the most stupid one i guess..
why is smokeping --reload not working after adding new stuff?
i need to do a smokeping --restart each time.


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