[smokeping-users] smokeping and nagios

Peter Brunnengräber pbrunnen at bccglobal.com
Thu Mar 1 06:34:55 CET 2012

Hello all,
  I recently upgraded from a 32-bit to 64-bit debian and I did the export and import of my RRD files.  All seemed ok and my smokeping charts are working fine.   But I also use the nagios extension "check_smokeping.pl" from Mr. Larry Low.   From the looks of the code, it seems to reference RRD perl library.  The check script is querying and getting no results and as a result is reporting "RRD file somefile.rrd has no data in last n seconds." with n being seconds since I went live on the 64-bit os.

  My initial thoughts are that it is either a bug in the RRDs.pm library or possibly an issue with the time parameter.

  Has anyone else had problems using RRDs.pm on 64-bit or any other thoughts/ideas on the matter?

Thank you.
With kind regards. -Peter

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