[smokeping-users] Any way to 'include' another file in the config?

Tom Throckmorton throck+smokeping at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 14:10:53 CET 2012

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 10:29 AM, Sorrell, Al <Al_Sorrell at troweprice.com>wrote:

> Toby,
> First off, thanks for continuing to evolve this great software! Let me
> explain what I'm looking for...
> I have several systems which are all polling the same set of devices; one
> is our primary system, one is at our DR site, and one is being setup now to
> eventually replace our current primary. The config file for each is
> *almost* identical.
> Specifically the *** General ** section needs to be different in order to
> specify the correct server in the cgiurl= section; potentially, others
> might have different paths for the various directories, though that's not a
> problem for me.
> What I'd like to see would be something like an
> Include /path-to-file
> That way, I could have my $SMOKEPING/etc/config with statements like:
> ========================
> *** General ***
> owner=...
> contact=...
> imgurl=...
> cgiurl=http://myserver/...
> Include $SMOKEPING/etc/common_config
> ========================
> Where $SMOKEPING/etc/common_config would have everything which isn't
> system-specific.
> This would certainly make it much easier to keep multiple systems in sync
> without the need to use 'sed' prior to copying configs between systems.

SmokePing certainly supports @includes - see

I use this feature to break my target configs into logical chunks, even
using nested @includes.  I believe you could do it as you suggest above,
with the main config differentiated; another alternative, and depending on
how you manage your distributed configs, is to keep the main config the
same, with the variable items pulled in via @includes.  Six of one...


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