[smokeping-users] New User and Trying to setup a Master/Slave topology

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Wed Apr 10 23:10:04 CEST 2013

Hey guys.

I am a new member that discovered this AWESOME tool today. I m going to use
it at every customer that I ll visit for sure because it gives so much
visibility on the network.
I am a network engineer located in Switzerland and specialized into
Routing/Switching , Security and also VoIP. I have very small experience
with Linux so please forgive me for that :)

I have been running Smokeping on Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS 64 bit today and I
would like to implement the Master/Slave topology

I understood from the documentation that the slave will get his
configuration from the master here is what I did :

- Install Smokeping on both server: I got graphs working to the localhost
so hence the RDD is OK

Created */etc/smokeping/slavesecrets.conf *and /etc/smokeping/slave-secrets

did a vim on slavesecrets and added the key : test
did a vim on slave-secret and added the text : ubuntu.local:test

Modified the /etc/smokeping/Slave to have the
display_names=ubuntu text.

Modified the Target in order to push the config to the slave :
++ Site 1
menu = Corp
title = CORP - slave1.test.com
host = X.X.X.X
slaves =  ubuntu


/etc/default/smokeping: Startup configuration for smokeping(1)
# select master or slave mode
# in master mode, the rest of the configuration is in
# /etc/smokeping/config
# in slave mode, uncomment and set the following variables too
# see smokeping(1)
# Mandatory configuration
# Optional configuration

*touch and vim /etc/smokeping/slavesecrets.conf in order to have the same
secretkey : test

*Now it is clearly not working and I have no idea why ... can someone
provide some insights and let me know what they think ?

Thanks a lot for the help provided


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