[smokeping-users] gid problems

Lee Elliott Lee at northarbour.com
Fri Apr 19 15:12:17 CEST 2013


> Hi there,
> On Thu, 18 Apr 2013, Lee Elliott wrote:
> > ... any new rrds will still need to have their permissions changed...
> > perhaps adding apache to the smokeping group will do it?
> Do you have evidence that newly create RRDs don't have the permissions
> that you want?

Umm... the evidence is that the newly created rrd for the slave is not updated and the corresponding graphs for the slave only show nans.  After changing the permissions (I'm setting group = www-data, which is the apache group here) the slave rrd starts getting updated and the graph for the slave shows real values.

The exact steps I went through, after creating a new target (that used a slave) and restarting the master smokeping instance, were to just leave it alone for about 15 minutes, to allow time for the new configuration to be propagated out to the slave and for a couple of samples to be taken.  As the slave's rrd wasn't being updated and only nans appeared on the slave's graph, then I changed the group permissions on the slave rrd and left it for another 15 minutes.  This made no difference so I then changed the group permissions on the corresponding master rrd and left it again.  This still had no effect so I restarted the master smokeping instance and waited again, but to no avail.  Next step was to restart apache on the master server, but after waiting for just ~10 minutes I then restarted the slave smokeping instance, at which point I saw that the slave rrd was being updated and, after a couple of samples, started seeing data in the slave graph.

According to the docs, I shouldn't have needed to restart the slave smokeping instance but did it anyway, just to speed things up - I'd already spent a long time just waiting.

What I do find curious though, is that when I set the newly created rrd group ownership to www-data it only needs read permissions but the rrd already has world read permissions anyway!


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