[smokeping-users] Get packet loss data in last ten days graph

Russell Dwarshuis rjd at merit.edu
Tue Apr 23 20:43:13 CEST 2013

No, you have 1 packet loss.  It is recorded as:

1366720500: -nan 9,3666666667e-01 
1366720800: -nan 6,3333333333e-02 

That is, 0.937 of a packet and, 5 minutes later, 0.033 of a packet.  That is why
maximum packet loss is 0.937/20 = 4.68% instead of 5%

It does this because the packet loss measurement occurred at roughly 1366720520 and the
measurement is interpolated.  Actually I think it is a little more complicated
that that, but that is the basic concept.  This Works great when you are not 
worried about perfect precision, but not so great when you are trying to measure integers!

-Russell Dwarshuis

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I still got a doubt about the calculataion of packet loss. 
For example I've got 2 losses in the last 3 hours in two consecutives polling cycles (1/20 and 1/20). 
The data in the graphs shows pl= 0.14% avg and 4.68% max 
In the rrd data I've got: 

rrdtool fetch myrrdfile.rrd AVERAGE -s -3h -e now | cut -f 1-3 -d' ' 

1366717200: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366717500: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366717800: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366718100: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366718400: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366718700: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366719000: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366719300: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366719600: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366719900: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366720200: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366720500: -nan 9,3666666667e-01 
1366720800: -nan 6,3333333333e-02 
1366721100: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366721400: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366721700: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366722000: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366722300: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366722600: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366722900: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366723200: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366723500: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366723800: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366724100: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366724400: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366724700: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366725000: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366725300: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366725600: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366725900: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366726200: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366726500: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366726800: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366727100: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366727400: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366727700: -nan 0,0000000000e+00 
1366728000: -nan -nan 

And I can't understand how to obtain the value of pl=0.14% avg. I thought that the data stored in the rrd was the number of packet loss in a round or the average each 5 minutes. 
In the first case I get a value of pl=(number of packet losses in last 3hours/total packets sends)2/720=0.0028, then pl=0.28%. 
Surely I'm wrong in something. 


On 22 April 2013 21:32, Alessandro Palermo < ok.aless at gmail.com > wrote: 

Thanks very much Russell. I will try this. 

El 22/04/2013 15:36, "Russell Dwarshuis" < rjd at merit.edu > escribió: 

Here is an example (I piped it through cut so you don't have to see all 20 ping times): 
rrdtool fetch your.rrd AVERAGE -s -20minutes -e now | cut -f 1-3 -d' ' 

1366654200: nan 0.0000000000e+00 5.7700000000e-03 5.7600000000e-03 
1366654500: nan 0.0000000000e+00 5.7700000000e-03 5.7600000000e-03 
1366654800: nan 0.0000000000e+00 5.7700000000e-03 5.7600000000e-03 
1366655100: nan 0.0000000000e+00 5.7714666667e-03 5.7600000000e-03 

Loss is in column 3 (0.0000000000e+00) 

-Russell Dwarshuis 

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Subject: [smokeping-users] Get packet loss data in last ten days graph 

Hi list. 
I'm monitoring around 300 wan links with fping probe with no problem. I have tuned smokeping to get more information I have added a plugin to show the lasts median rtt in a gauges view and a link to show the information about the route of each wan links and record the changes in the routes. 
Now I want to create a report to monitoring the packet loss in the last ten day and send a mail with the graph of the links that have a packet loss greater than 5% per example. 
How can i get this value for the .rrd files? I've been inspected the rrd files but I just see the last loss value. 

Thanks in advance 

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