[smokeping-users] Help with multiple FPing probes?

Jaysen Johnson jaysen at jedinetworks.com
Tue Aug 20 11:16:45 CEST 2013


I am new to SmokePing and need help with setting up multiple FPing 
probes.  I just installed it and it was working fine with a few hosts 
but tonight I added about 100 more routers and now I notice the 
following error in my messages logs.

FPing: WARNING: smokeping took 24 seconds to complete 1 round of 
polling. It should complete polling in 10 seconds. You may have 
unresponsive devices in your setup.

I know I need to do something with the offset but I am confused.  Can 
someone who has successfully setup multiple FPing probes help me out?  I 
only need FPing and no other probes at this time.

Here is my SmokePing URL:  http://jedinetworks.net/smokeping/smokeping.cgi



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