[smokeping-users] configure fails to find perl modules, Mac 10.4.6

Layla Nahar laylanahar at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 15:27:14 CET 2013


How can I get configure to complete when it is failing to find perl
modules that exist on my system?   I imagine that there is a simple
solution but I'm afraid to start hacking files willy-nilly because my
knowledge of this stuff is actually quite limited.

When I run  ./configure --prefix=/opt/smokeping  I get the failure
"Can't locate Config/Grammar.pm in @INC".  Details below.  Grammar.pm
exists in several places on my system.

I am running mac os x 10.4.6.  I have made sure I have a recent copy
of perl by running curl -L http://xrl.us/installperlosx | bash as
recommended on the perl monks site.

I have the Grammar.pm on my system.  (results of find / -name
Grammar.pm 2>/dev/null are below the configure fail messages

NB - I am also having trouble building mod_fastcgi.so.  I'm including
this information in case it is relevant to the failure of the
configure script.

thank you very much
Layla Nahar

---configure fail results---

helenatroy:smokeping-2.6.9 helenatroy$ ./bin/smokeping
--config=/opt/smokeping/etc/config --debug
Can't locate Config/Grammar.pm in @INC (@INC contains:
/Users/helenatroy/perl5/perlbrew/perls/perl-5.16.0/lib/5.16.0 .) at
/Users/smokeping/smokeping-2.6.9/bin/../lib/Smokeping/Config.pm line
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
/Users/smokeping/smokeping-2.6.9/bin/../lib/Smokeping/Config.pm line
Compilation failed in require at
/Users/smokeping/smokeping-2.6.9/bin/../lib/Smokeping.pm line 14.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at
/Users/smokeping/smokeping-2.6.9/bin/../lib/Smokeping.pm line 14.
Compilation failed in require at ./bin/smokeping line 12.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./bin/smokeping line 12.

--- results of:   find / -name Grammar.pm 2>/dev/null --

helenatroy:smokeping-2.6.9 helenatroy$ find / -name Grammar.pm 2>/dev/null

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