[smokeping-users] building RRDTools, where/how to define BUILD and INSTALL dirs

Layla Nahar laylanahar at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 21:28:04 CET 2013

When building RRDTool, where do I define the environmental variables

I'm confused by these instructions:

"Save the two locations into environment variables.


I would expect that there is one convenient place I should be able to
modify these variables but I see these two variables defined in  the
files rrdbuild.1	rrdbuild.html	rrdbuild.pod	and rrdbuild.txt.

I looked through the instructions to find some more info about
where/how to define these vars but failed to find anything.  I did
some googling that told me to define stuff in .bashrc, In my .bashrc
there is only one line.  Its like this:  source
/Users.../perl5/perlbrew/etc/bashrc.  I didn't find 'BUILD_DIR' etc in
that bashrc file.  I'd be most grateful for any information that will
help me get a better grasp of what do do here.


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