[smokeping-users] Master/Slave: slaves not updating targets

Tobias Brunner tobias.brunner at nine.ch
Tue Feb 5 11:15:34 CET 2013


I'm running a Master/Slave setup of Smokeping. Everything seems fine so far, 
all slaves are probing and their results are sent to the master.
Updating the master with new targets does not update the slaves, they don't 
get new configuration data automatically (even after waiting several hours), 
only restarting the slave picks up the new targets.

Another strange thing: Sometimes I need to restart the slaves several times, 
because of:

WARNING https://server/smokeping/smokeping.cgi sent data with wrong key at 
/usr/share/perl5/Smokeping/Slave.pm line 107.
ERROR: we did not get config from the master. Maybe we are not configured as a 
slave for any of the targets on the master ?

The slaves are correctly configured, because after a few restarts they pick-up 
their configuration.

Any idea on this topic?


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