[smokeping-users] Sorter and slaves

Tom Throckmorton throck+smokeping at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 16:26:06 CET 2013

On 2/13/13 8:31 AM, sangdrax8 wrote:
> I have setup a master/slave configuration which seems to completely
> working with the exception of the charts (stddev, etc).  
> I setup a master on a machine which I did not allow access to the
> internet.  I then setup two slaves both with internet access.  I have
> all my Targets setup so the master does not check them, and I assign
> checks to each slave.  I did have to edit the permissions on the data
> directory on the master to allow the apache server to write the data
> from the slaves.  Once I did that, I now have live data from both
> slaves.  I just don't know why the Charts aren't working when all my
> data comes from slaves.
> On the webpage all I see is:
> Top Standard Deviation
> No targets returned by the sorter.
> The apache logs show that the sorter seems to be dropping the data, but
> I don't know why.
> apache error log:
> Warning: Dropping median/slave1_View/slave1_google~slave1.test.net
> <http://slave1.test.net> from sortercache
> Can anyone help me out here?  These aren't critical, so I can always
> just remove this section from the web gui, but I do like them.  It would
> be nice if they would work with my slaves.

I have a similar setup (non-polling master with slaves) and hit the same
issue some time ago; after some research found the charts feature
doesn't work with slave data, so I ended up disabling it.  I can't put
my finger on how I came to that conclusion, but that's at least what my
log entry for the config change says :)  If i find the definitive
reason, I'll follow-up (unless anyone else chimes in with the answer).


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