[smokeping-users] dropped packets when smokeping server restarts

Dale Sykora dale.sykora at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 22:44:35 CET 2013

I noticed that when a server running smokeping restarts, the monitored host
graphs show dropped packets.  I tried /etc/init.d/smokeping stop; reboot
but see the same results.  I would hope that smokeping would wait for
pending probes to complete before shutting down, and then just show a blank
segment in graph rather than dropped packets.  I would not want monitored
host %packet loss to be negatively influenced by monitoring server
maintenance downtime. I am running smokeping 2.006007 on Ubuntu 12.04 x32
Perhaps this is because I am running an older "stock ubuntu" version of
smokeping.  I will try to find a newer package or just install from source
and see if that makes a difference.  If there are any other suggestions,
let me know.


dale.sykora at gmail.com
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