[smokeping-users] Bump! Anyone able to give guidance on this?

Will Brocklebank will at facetofacedigital.com
Wed Oct 2 08:25:37 CEST 2013

If anyone can help me get over the hump on this I'd be very grateful?

If I can just get this finished then I can set out an easy-to-follow list
of steps for other new SmokePing users and submit it here and on my blog
for everyone's benefit.

Thanks again

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Date: Monday, 30 September 2013
Subject: Permissions or something else?
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Hi all

Over the weekend I wanted to build up my entire Smokeping installation
again on a fresh SD install of Raspbian because the first time there was
much trial and error and I didn't wholly understand the process. So this
time I thought I'd do it methodically and keep track of my moves.

But it's gone wrong! Now I keep getting:

ERROR: opening '/var/lib/smokeping/mysite1/myhost2.rrd': No such file or

I know that some posts have put this down to a permissions error but I
can't seem to solve it using the instructions that follow. Could someone
give me baby-steps on how to check the permissions of the various
directories, processes and files that need to be right?

I realise I should use suexec (perhaps it would solve this issue??) but I
can't find instructions that seem to work to set this up either...

For clarity my steps so far, have been:

1. Format SD card of at least 8GB with SDFormatter

2. Copy to SD card the latest NOOBS software

3. Insert SD card into Pi and power on. Follow GUI to install Raspbian

4. Change main password

5. On Advanced Options page enable SSH

6. SSH to Pi

7. Run sudo apt-get update

8. Then sudo apt-get upgrade

9. sudo reboot

10. Then login again and become root sudo su

11. Install Apache2 and FastCGI by following instructions from here:

12. Begin installing SmokePing from

13. - this will include sudo apt-get install rrdtool etc (follow the list)

14. Install CPAN by using this command: cpan App::cpanminus

15. You may need to run cpanm install CPAN and then cpanm reload CPAN to
make sure you have the most up to date version

16. Install the PERL modules using this command: sudo cpanm
<Insert-module-name here> from the SmokePing list

17. When you have installed all the PERL modules and have got to the
installation section on the Smokeping page use apt-get install smokeping to
actually put the package in place

18. move to the /etc/smokeping/config.d

19. Edit the Target file using this page of examples to help

20. [At this stage I was getting ERROR: /etc/smokeping/config.d/pathnames,
line 1: File '/usr/sbin/sendmail' does not exist] so I had to run apt-get
install sendmail
21. Install sudo apt-get install apache2-suexec-custom

22…….. how best to configure suexec?????
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