[smokeping-users] how can med_min, med_max and loss_max be nan

Russell Mellon mellonr at hobart.k12.in.us
Fri Oct 18 21:05:32 CEST 2013

I've been pulling info smokeinfo and I've come across times when med_min, med_max and loss_max are "nan"
./smokeinfo ../etc/smokeping.conf -filter "/Network/HS-MDF" -start now-20s -end now

# node_path;med_avg;med_min;med_max;med_now;loss_avg;loss_max;loss_now

What I can't figure out is how there can be a med_avg if it doesn't know the med_max and med_min.  Maybe I don't understand what each of the values really mean?

Russell Mellon
Director of I.T. Services
School City of Hobart
mellonr at hobart.k12.in.us<mailto:mellonr at hobart.k12.in.us>

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